On December 21st, 2016, Art Club invited the town to gather, donned in their finest, most luminous wares, and embark on a Sidewalk Stroll to Bring in the Light.

Inspired by the avant-garde and the absurd unusual, we designed our radiant headdresses and layered on our costumes to protect us from the chill. Motivated by the overarching need emanating from the collective unconscious for a metaphorical and literal light, we lit our lanterns and awaited the townsfolk.

One by one, we grew to many.  Each distinctive, each lustrous.  And in the collective, our illumination flourished and we meandered through the darkest of nights and were lured by the flickering sounds of experimental glockenspiel, delighting the onlookers as we brought in the light…


*The music for the sidewalk stroll and for the video was created and performed by Red Sled Choir