What is Art Club?   

Art Club has several purposes.

One is to strengthen bonds within the community by creating spaces where people can be expressive, playful and creative. Art Club brings the community together in the form of art events, art parties, curated exhibits and community based art projects. Art Club is also a way of not only inspiring each other as creative individuals but also supporting each other’s visions and making ideas reality. 

Art Club aims to ignite, explore and celebrate the creative essence in each of us through open, inclusive, diverse, judgement-free, thoughtful, conscientious, eco-groovy, no-fee/low-fee events.



What is the 'Art' in Art Club?

It is creative exploration via music, sound, dance, movement, sewing, carpentry, film, graphic design, embroidery, painting, DIY craft projects, performance art, fashion design, singing, macrame, writing, sculpture, photography, weaving, poetry... It is CREATIVITY and FREEDOM.  It is PLAY and INSPIRATION.


Where is Art Club located?

Because we want to include, inspire and be inspired by everyone, we organize projects and throw art parties all over town, in an array of venues from the historic and hip elegance of the Argos Inn to the joyful community pride & exuberance of the Ithaca Festival ---to the dream collaborations and venues of Congo Square Market, public libraries, GIAC, assisted living centers...  

Our home is Ithaca.  The entire town.  We do not have one location where we meet.  Our club meets everywhere.  Please let us know if you have a venue that would like to host a project or a subculture that is aching for participation.  

Art! Art! Art! for everyone.