Art Club was tickled pink to join ITHACA IS PUPPETS at the Ithaca Festival Parade on Friday June 2nd 2017...

To help bring the creative energy and enthusiasm of the parade home with you, Art Club handed out Make At Home Puppet Projects for you to embellish at home.

We have four different "Make at Home Puppet Projects" to share! Bring to life with paint, colored pencil, glitter, fabric, collage, etc. Each puppet will show off its own personality, created by you!

Once you complete your puppet, email us a photo or video of your creation. Your one-of-a-kind puppetry splendor and spectacle will be proudly displayed right here! 


Didn't get a puppet at the parade!? Not to worry, we have all four available for download below...

Bear Puppet

Person Puppet

Creature Puppet

Kitty Puppet


Completed Puppets!

bear from the bin.jpg

A Puppet Movie! 

*Music for the stop motion animation by Dead Canaries


The Parade!

Ithaca is puppets.jpg