In the winter and spring of 2016, the artists behind Art Club were asked to play theater with Dacha Presents. We were tickled & overjoyed to immerse ourselves in costume & set design and astonished to watch the minds & talents at work in the scriptwriting & acting of the Dacha Presents collective.

Our collaborative theater ideas exploded into creating an “interactive, promenade theater experience”...

And ’I Sense A Presence’ was born!


On June 5th, 2016, the premiere, open-to-the-public performances were unveiled. Stumbling upon a nondescript tent on a city street, strangers and friends alike swept open torn & tattered curtains to find a thickly forested nook watched over by the clairvoyant, Clara. Participants were encouraged to wander & explore the space, to open jars & smell their aromas, to read letters found tucked away in trunks, to crunch the forest floor’s acorns & pine cones beneath their feet. When Camille & Oren discovered the forest, the audience indeed had a role to play & understood they were the spirits Clara communed with in her forest and they provided the answers to the the skeptical & seeking siblings...

Each performance was unique & one-of-a-kind! Each participant was emboldened to engage, uncover and interact in their own distinctive way!

It’s your art. Your theater. Your experience.


The Forest


The Characters



The Performance



The Scrapbook

Oren & Camille's family heirloom that piqued their curiosity and compelled them to venture into Clara's forest of spirits for answers




The Family Tree

*This project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Community Arts Partnership!